Potty training can be difficult at times. Consistency is definitely key, being the mom of multiples my two year old’s are totally at different stages of potty training.  I found that training your child in the morning and afternoon are the best tactics. My children return to wearing pull ups only at bedtime. Trust me we’ve had several accidents but potty training is all about the training! Here are 5 tips on successfully potty training your child or children.

*Clothing not included: Allowing your kids to run around the home in a t-shirt a PJ  Mask undies makes them feel completely free and not to mention their able to access their potties in time not have an accident on themselves. Once they finally make it to the potty make it a huge deal how proud you are of them and give a reward once they have successfully used the bathroom. (SN: Cookies work perfectly)

*Reward but never over award: Avoid giving too much. Just in case your little one has an accident or doesn’t produce, they won’t become distraught because they didn’t receive any praise from you. Encouraging words are always the best choice. Notify your child’s nanny or teacher of the fact you’re actively potty training and suggest ways they could help while they’re in the care of the provider.

*Portable Potty’s are awesome: Go potty sets are great for continuous training on long trips or vacations. Routines are key. Bringing them along will remind your child of how important going to the restroom as a big kid is. Keep a cheap pair of pants in the car just in case their are any accidents while you guys are out.

*Cut-Off Time: No drinks before bedtime! By cutting off milk and juice at least an hour before bed would allow your child to have the urge to use the potty first thing in the morning. This will your child to remain dry throughout the night. Try to incorporate bed time stories about other kids potty training and remind them of how well they are doing.

*Keep going until they’ve got it: Repeat your potty training until they have it down. Be patient and have fun these are the type of experiences you won’t get back. Happy Potty Training Mommy & Moguls!!!


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