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To enter into the 2nd quarter I decided to begin it with a Mogul Moment. A platform to acknowledge us as moguls. In 2007, unless you were under a rock somewhere, BET debuted one of the highest rated shows, College Hill: Interns, a slight spin-off of its reality show College Hill. The show followed 10 college students over the course of a summer internship in Chicago. Among them was Florida native, Ms. Ivy Box. Eleven years later the hustle continues, Ms. Ivy Box has continued her path to assist those that aspire to inspire. She is the CEO of Voice T.H.E. Movement, a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of individuals by providing opportunities that enlightens, illuminates, and empowers, through health, education, arts and entertainment, and technology.

How did your cultural background influence your desire and drive to succeed?

As a first generation Haitian American I witnessed first hand what hard work and determination really looked like. I saw how people who were not given the simple luxury’s that Americans of all races take advantage of everyday and still managed to strive and create a living for themselves and their families. I come from a country of people who was the first to lead a successful slave revolt and who helped others enslaved people of all races in other countries free themselves as well. The older I get the more proud I am about my heritage and the people that was birthed out of that spirit. The blood that ran through them is the same blood that runs through me so it has impacted me in more ways than one.

What has being on BET’s College Hill taught you about the corporate and entertainment industry?

Being on College Hill Interns taught me a lot. From a talent perspective it taught me about imaging, branding, public relations, and overall career management. From a professional standpoint it taught me how industries, brand partnerships, collaborations, contracting, networking, and productions work. I got an Entertainment Industry 101 crash course real quick. A lot of what I do now and how I do it was picked up from that experience.
What are some of the key points you learned from your time on the show that you could give young entrepreneurs?
Never be afraid of being yourself, follow your gut instincts, be in and enjoy the moments, be aggressive, but in a favorable way, and take full advantage of every opportunity that feels right to you.

What was your motivation and inspiration for creating The 365 Go Get H.E.R. Guide?

For years I wanted to write a book that was relatable to women who got things done, who went after what they wanted, and made things happen. Over the years, I realized that a lot of those types of women go through the same things that everyone goes through in life. They go through ups and downs, trials and tribulation, successes and failures, wins and losses. I’ve experienced some of those things and what helped me was reading a lot of self-help guides and defining what happiness, education, respect, and success meant to me and for myself. I figured if I needed something like this than there are plenty of others that were seeking the same things.

How do you incorporate balancing your personal and business life with such a busy schedule?

It’s all about organizing, prioritizing, and doing. Figuring out what all needs to be done, then prioritizing the order in which they need to be done, and then just doing it. The just doing it part, surprisingly enough, is the part that a lot of people struggle with. Your schedule is only as busy as you make it and a lot of us are busy doing a lot of nothing. That’s no shade; I’ve found myself in those types of situations plenty of times. We make time for the things we really want to do, but there are things that we need to do and those are the things that need to be high on that priority list. Once that is out the way, your mind, body, and soul will feel lighter and freer, making things a lot easier to manage.

Voice T.H.E. Movement, Inc. is your non-profit organization that encourages those that aspire to inspire, how has your organization assisted within the community in Fort Myers and other parts of Florida?

Voice T.H.E. Movement, Inc.’s mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals through health, education, the arts & entertainment, and technology. It is about bringing awareness and encouraging others to take action towards positive change. We are fairly new, but have been awarded several awards, have collaborated with over 100 volunteers and organizations, and have impacted over 500 kids through our youth empowerment workshops. Our next Youth Empowerment Workshop will be held in Fort Myers, Florida and we are looking forward to that. Next year, we will be celebrating 5 years and look forward to celebrating that milestone with the community as well.

What is the next business venture for Ms. Ivy Box and the Go Get H.E.R.S. movement?

Well, we have only just begun to touch the surface of the Go Get H.E.R.S. movement. The book itself has only been out for 3 months and I am more than grateful for everything we have been able to accomplish. We have another edition coming out that will be announced soon; something for the fellas, and the Haitian Creole version is in the works and will be donated to women groups and girl groups in Haiti. There are talks about movies, tours, workshops, and conferences. But I am taking everything one step at a time. Whichever way God tells me to go with it is where I am going to, I’m just grateful for the opportunity.

Ms. Ivy Box is also the author of the best seller, The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S. Guide, which is available on her site.

A Go-Get-HERS is not necessarily a corporate diva, entrepreneur, or extraordinary success story. She is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin, or a friend. She is a confidant, stranger, saint, sinner, non-believer, or a believer. Whether she is lost or she is found, happy, sad, empowered or depressed, there is a Go-Get-HERS living inside of her. Her job is to see it, believe it, nurture it, guide it, and then to inspire someone else to do the same. A Go-Get-HERS is not a title or a category; it is a way of life. Pick up “The 365 Go Get HERS Guide” to encourage you to believe in the greatest source of power on Earth, and that is YOU!

Be sure to check out her page www.msivybox.com for events and updates

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