Finally it’s the season to jet set, island hop, and experience a variety of new memories.  I’m ecstatic because since my son is older he is able to see and appreciate our mini trips. Before kids I could just gas up, jump in the car, and drive anywhere but with children the process is a bit more complicated but still easily manageable.  We took our first solo road trip when he was 3 months old. Let me tell you, driving from Central Florida to Atlanta took me nearly 10 hours since I had to stop and breast feed baby, take him out of his seat to stretch, and of course get a little play time in with my fat boy baby.  Well fast forward almost two years later and we are preparing for our first flight to go surprise his daddy and my sister. Honestly I was skeptical on how well he would be on his first flight because we had a late flight with a layover.  I knew one thing, he was not going to be that crying baby that everyone scowls at as they look our way on the plane. So after some research and inquiring about this topic from some seasoned moms I compiled a list of a few tips that helped us.

  1. Eating before departure: Airport food is ridiculously expensive but convenient if necessary. To make sure baby was not fussy while we impatiently waited to get through our 45 minute security check with TSA. We grabbed something on the way there and some extra food and snacks I stuffed in his bag to feed him as we waited. You will save a few dollars and keep baby calm and happy before take-off and in the air.
  2. TSA Pre-Check: Sadly I learned about this later but will be purchasing it for future flights. If you go to you are able to sign up for a pre-check. This means tons of time saved not waiting in line, taking off shoes, removing belts, and everything else while holding a baby. For a 5 year membership it’s only $85.00. It’s worth not waiting in line for 45 minutes.

Check out

  1. Stroller: Yup, unfortunately I left mine and had to pick up and carry baby when he was tired and sleepy, along with our luggage. Never again.
  2. Upgrade your seats: One of the attendants told me instead of paying for an upgrade at the kiosk to ask again before I get on the plane. They will usually have extra empty seats available. My son was a lap rider but I was able to upgrade our seats for free and he was able to have his own window seat on both flights.
  3. Entertainment: This possibly saved my life in the airport and on the plane because it kept him occupied the entire time. I purchased some headphones at Target before I left and charged up my iPad the night before.  As we waited to board the plane he was able to watch his shows then once we boarded he was still able to watch his shows as we took off.  The bonus is that the headphones prevent his ears from popping, which can be extremely irritating for babies. He had no clue and didn’t even get scared or fuss as we ascended and descended.
  4. Gum: Chewing gum helps minimize the ear popping also. If your babies are smaller have them suck on a bottle.
  5. Ear Plugs: I picked up some from the dollar store just in case the headphones did not work.

These tips should alleviate any hassles while traveling with your children. Safe travels!!!





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