It’s Spring time and that means a few things in my book but the main aspect I’m looking forward to is my chance for a reflection and redirection. Now this post is a bit different from the rest and it may be speaking to someone who has had this question or thought lingering in their head for a while. About a month ago we were all shook by the tragedy that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida. That particularly hit home for me for a few reasons but one main one is that I work in the school system and it made me question my safety at work.

When I was in high school the biggest scare we had was Columbine but it seemed that the mass school shootings faded out a bit and no one was worried about sending their kids to school. But this incident was different. As a seasoned veteran teacher with six years of experience I have seen a massive change in the students that pass into my class every year. To date I can honestly say that I have never been afraid of going to work with the fear of not coming home to my family until recently. We’ve had numerous scares after that but there were a few in which a student actually had a loaded gun on campus…. in the class across the hall from me in fact. So my question is with the state of how children are today and growing pains what do they fear? What can or will stop them from retaliating on a bully or just simply snapping because they forgot to take their meds? Or what if they honestly don’t care about the direction of their life and feel they have nothing to lose due to lack of guidance at home?

So this leads to my own personal question. When is it time to redirect and refocus on a new path? We have been accustomed to walking down the same path and sometimes when we need a change it is some indirect epiphany that we encounter that forces us to change, even if we are afraid. I have witnessed so many educators say after this incident that this is it for them on top of the demands that go unseen by the general public. I include myself in this as well. You should never fear the unknown, just simply embrace it. I leisurely reply, ’’Hell no’’. This unknown I fear a bit because I am unable to control the outside forces.

We are sometimes forced when we don’t want to in order to make that change and take that step unapologetically. Listen to the world around you because it is speaking to you loud and clear. I can’t tell you how many times I come home and contemplated my career choices. Even though I am working on the back end establishing other business ventures, you have to know exactly when to walk away proudly and confidently.

This is my time, this is your time. There is no dress rehearsal in life. Walk in faith, not by sight.

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